Cumulative investment instrument

Reliable and beneficial investments

Make savings, at the same time making reliable and high-yield investments, by purchasing government bonds.

Save your income and make reliable and highly-yield investments in government bonds.

Make savings and invest in reliable and high-yield government bonds.

Cumulative investment instrument enables you to:

  • Make reliable and highly efficient investments in bonds
  • Re-invest income from investments to make them  more profitable
  • Choose  the frequency and amount of payments
  • Make investments with a small amount
  • Make an investment without visiting the bank
  • Cancel the contract at any time without any penalty or fine
  • Manage invested funds at your own (donation, sale)

Cumulative Investment Instrument provides the following advantages:

  • Income from the invested funds is not taxable
  • Government bonds ensure more reliable and long term profitability
  • Regular monthly payments (savings) do not have any significant influence on personal income
  • Government bonds have higher liquidity and can serve as collateral for loans or for repurchase agreements.

The main conditions of the cumulative investment instrument are as following:

Minimum periodic payment 10 000 per month (increasing by 1,000 drams)      
Term of the contract Until the maturity date of the selected bond.      
Annual interest rate Negotiable (depending on the market situation)      
Currency of the investments, AMD      
Payment method Automatic deductions from the bank account according to the amount and frequency specified in the contract      

In order to use the cumulative investment instrument you can make investments with the following terms:

IssueN Maturity date Selling yield Number of remaining days
AMGB30163472 16-03-47 10.1000% 9235
AMGB2029A366 29-10-36 10.0000% 5445

Cumulative investment instrument sample