Business development loans

If you have a stable business and good reputation in business environment, then “ARMSWISSBANK” has developed flexible and available packages for you to replenish your business with modern equipment or expand it.

The Bank provides loans as well as renewable and non-renewable credit lines.

We accept as collateral real estate, fixed assets, third party guarantees. The loans are offered in both cash and non-cash terms with RA dram, USA dollar and Euro maximally justifying the customer expectations and offering real solutions for the problems.

Highlighting the importance of small and medium-sized businesses development in the context of economy, ARMSWISSBANK together with SME DNC provides small and medium-sized business financing.

SME crediting
Currency AMD
Rate 13-15% 15%
Maximum Tenor 7 years
Objective Financing of small medium enterprises

Benchmark criteria

List of required documentation

* In case of discrepancies between the published Armenian and English language information, the Armenian information prevails.