Project Financing

If you aim to expand your existing business or have new business ideas, we offer project financing tool for your long-term project financing with up to 12 years’ time.

The main feature of this loan is that it is designed for a new business plan / project financing, while for providing ordinary business loans banks require minimum 6 months experience. The above mentioned does not mean that any business idea will be financed. For providing this loan the beneficiary should correspond to mentioned conditions:

The potential clients must be trustable and acceptable for the Bank and should match following requirements:

  • have sufficient experience and knowledge in business,
  • have positive credit history,
  • introduce reasonable and prudent business plan,
  • be ready to invest their own funds,
  • offer sufficient guarantees or other safety measures, etc.

It is also important that the project complies with

  • the principles and compliance policies of the Bank (including environmental),
  • all legislative requirements.

Project finance loans are provided by tranches according to business development stages. Before providing each tranche the Bank's staff checks the complies of

  • previously spent / intended share’s use with the project objectives,
  • the effectiveness of expenditures,
  • the investments of founders / initiators,
  • complies with legal requirements and so on.

The Bank offers long-term financing with additional incentives in AMD to purchase solar stations for own needs through the resources available from the German-Armenian Fund (GAF).

Since 2019, the Bank offers financing with additional incentives for solar energy, as well as for investments in the field of energy efficient technologies. The latter is offered under the EBRD GCF-GEFF Armenia Energy Efficiency Program.

  Currency Maximum tenorFixed interest rateFloating interest rate
With own resources
AMD12 12% - 13.75% 11.5% - 12%
USD12 8.5% - 9.75% 8% - 8.5%
EUR12 6.5% - 7.5%5.75% - 6.5%
GAF RE Program
AMD12 7.5% - 9.5% -
USD12 5.5% -
EBRD GCF-GEFF Armenia Energy Efficiency Program *
AMD7 10.5% - 11.5%9.75- 10.5%
USD7 8% - 9% 7.5% - 8%
EUR7 6.25% - 6.75%5.75% - 6.25%

Benchmark criteria (in Armenian)

*Within the framework of the EBRD GCF-GEFF Armenia Energy Efficiency Loan Program, for installing a solar station for own needs a grant is provided for up to 20% of the loan amount.