Mortgage loan

ARMSWISSBANK offers attractive and affordable terms of mortgage loans to purchase, repair or construct real estate.

We are the first to offer loan pre approval service due to which you can:

  • Before searching the real estate know the possible maximum amount of money the bank may lend you,
  • Get the loan in a short time after choosing the real estate,
  • Negotiate with the seller on the apartment price,

We offer young families to improve the apartment conditions using the available

  • "National mortgage company UCO" CJSC program or
  • “Affordable apartment to the young families” program of RCO.

Real estate loans to Purchase Repair Construct
Rate` 10,5%-11,5% 10,5%-11,5% 10,5%-11,5%
Maximum tenor (month) 120-18060-120 120-180

Real estate Purchase    
Rate 7%-7.5%(in case of purchasing real estate
in Yerevan, ministry of finance will
subsidize 2%, if in regions of RA- 4%).
Maximum tenor (month) 120-144   
Currency AMD   

In collaboration with French Development Agency we present the energy-efficiency program of the National Mortgage Company UCO CJSC aiming to finance the renovation of a residential real estate.

This program will give you an opportunity to:

  • Reduce the expenses of consumed energy
  • Get long-term financing with privileged period

Real estate Renovation    
Rate 13%    
Maximum tenor (month) 60-120   
Currency AMD    

Loans for purchasing apartments from building of Paruyr Sevak 9, RA, Yerevan,
Maximum tenor Up to 15 years
Currency USA dollar
OvjectiveLoans for purchasing apartments from building of RA, Yerevan, Paruyr Sevak 9


In case of purchaseing other property from first or secondary markets
Real estate loans to Purchase Repair Construct
Rate 9%-11%7.5%-9.5% 9.5%-11%8-10% 9%-11%7.5-10%
Maximum tenor (month) 180180120120 180180
Currency USA dollarEURUSA dollar EURUSA dollarEUR

List of required documentation

The main/benchmark terms of "ARMSWISSBANK" CJSC mortgage loams

Main terms of ARMSWISSBANK’s energy efficiency loans

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