We offer multi-currency term deposits with flexible rates and maturities, starting from 30 days. The advantage of term deposits over other investment options is their simplicity and predictability; they are a very safe option for low-risk investors who prefer predictable income over a set period. A deposit account allows you to earn a guaranteed return on the amount invested for a fixed period, and can be chosen according to the type of currency, maturity period or interest payment options. Please note that ArmSwissBank has minimum limits for the following currencies:

  • AMD starting from 2,000,000
  • USD starting from 5,000
  • EUR starting from 10,000
  • CHF starting from 50,000

Further information on term deposits

Interest payments are calculated on your account balance based on the nominal interest rate. The annual interest yield shows how much profit you would receive if you reinvested interest payments earned on deposited funds into new deposits. See examples of annual percentage yield calculation (in Armenian)

regulation_8_03 (in Armenian)

If the deposit is returned prior to maturity by the customer’s request, ArmSwissBank will apply a recalculation of 0.5% (if the contract does not provide otherwise) and, if necessary, charge already paid interest payments from the deposit account.

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