Based on its strategy, the Bank provides cards exclusively to its existing customers to provide a complete package of services.

MasterCard Business

The card is intended for cash withdrawal from the account, for payment of goods or services, including online payments.

The card can be issued in Armenian Dram, US dollar, Euro and Russian ruble.

The card's validity period is 3 years.

Card Issuance and Service Fees

N Card type MC Business
  Card account currency AMD/USD/EUR/RUB
1 Card validity period 3 years
2 Card issuance free
3 Annual card service 15,000 AMD
4 Additional card issuance free>
5 Annual fee for additional card 10,000 AMD
6 Card or PIN code re-issuance (in case of card loss, damage, theft, PIN loss or its disclosure to third parties) 5,000 AMD
7 Cash withdrawal from Armswissbank ATMs 0.5%***
8 Cash withdrawal through POS terminals of Armswissbank AMD - 0.5%,
USD, EUR, RUB - 2%
9 Cash withdrawal from the card account without presenting the card Not allowed
10 Cash withdrawal from BANK ATM's and cash POS's(in case of credit cards and overdrafts) 0.9%
11 Transfers from card accounts to other accounts (in case of credit line and overdraft cards) 0.9%
12 Cash withdrawal from other ARCA ATMs 1%
13 Cash withdrawal from other ARCA ATM's and cash POS's(in case of credit cards and overdrafts) 1%
14 Cash withdrawal from ATMs outside RA 1,5% min AMD 2,000
15 Cash deposit into Armswissbank card accounts via cash deposit machines of other ARCA member banks (Cash in) 1%
16 Non-cash transactions in trade and service points free
17   Maximum daily cash withdrawal limit By agreement
18 Maximum number of cash withdrawal transactions per day 3
19 Daily limit for non-cash payments 5,000,000 AMD
10,000 USD
10,000 EUR
800,000 RUB
20 Cash withdrawal operation limit (for 1 operation) 500,000 AMD
21 Limit of transactions without entering PIN code AMD 20,000
22 Number of transactions without entering PIN code 5
23 Card blocking Free
24 Card unblocking 1,000 AMD
25 Card blocking and keeping the card in international STOPLIST (for 14 days)
15,000 AMD
26 Card to card transfer fees (via website, ATMs and Internet Banking/Mobile-banking system) 0,3%
27 Transfers via MoneySend system 1.5%, min AMD 1,000
27.1 Maximum limit for one transaction AMD 250,000
USD 500
EUR 500
RUB 40,000
27.2 Maximum daily number of transactions per customer 5
27.3 Maximum daily amount of transactions per customer AMD 1,000,000
USD 2,000
EUR 2,000
RUB 160,000
28 Current account to card transfer fees 0.3%
29 SMS notification (for any transaction) 30 AMD
30 SMS notification for 3D Secure internet system transactions 30 AMD
31 USSD Activation and service 30 AMD
32 Providing account statement free
33 Providing card within 1 banking day ** 3,000 AMD
34 Chargeback claim fee free
35 Annual interest rate applied to card account balance According to the annual interest rates, announced by the Bank on its web page for individuals and legal entity’s demand deposits
36 Card Delivery
a)Within Armenia free
b) Other countries According to the postal bill

*Suspension of unauthorized card transactions worldwide

**For receiving card during one banking day the Client should apply up to 15:00

***In case there is a credit limit on the card, the cashing fee for all transactions and funds from the card at the ARMSWISSBANK cashing points is set by the Bank's Credit Committee (usually 0.5%) unless the Bank's Credit Committee has set a different cash rate.

Tariffs (effective since 07.11.2022)

  • ID or passport and social security card of executives
  • ID or passport of the card user

All customers who are account holders at the Bank and who have a positive history of cooperation with the Bank.

Notice: Due to the risks specific to the Payment Cards, the Bank may refuse to issue the cards to the Bank's account holding customers or to provide financing to already card holding customers.

Taking into account the fact that payment cards will be provided to the Bank's account-holding customers only, there will be no need to submit additional documents in case the customer’s information is already updated in the Bank’s database. Otherwise it shall be crucial to submit all documents required to open a new account for physical and/or legal entities at the Bank.

Dear Customer, since Payment Cards have specific risks, kindly considers the following upon getting the card from the Bank please read carefully:

  • card issuance agreement,
  • the rules of using the card,
  • the information leaflets that the Bank provides to you upon receiving your card,
  • register the phone numbers in the memory of your mobile phone and in other available storage place to enable contacting the Bank and / or ARCA processing center, to inform about the card loss or any other information that may require an immediate action,
  • remember your PIN code and card password,
  • Keep the card and the PIN code in separate locations. Do not keep them together.

In case of losing the payment card or if it is stolen, you must immediately inform the Bank and / or ARCA processing center by calling the numbers (+374 60) 757000, (+374 11) 757000 or (+374 10) 592222, then the issue of including the card in the STOP LIST should be discussed with the Bank's relevant employee, after which you should visit the Bank in order to apply for the new card application. In case forgetting the PIN code, the customer must approach the Bank and submit for a new plastic card or PIN-reset application.

In case the card is forgotten in the ATM, you should also inform the Bank or ArCa processing center by calling the numbers (+374 60) 757000, (+374 11) 757000 or (+374 10) 592222.

In case of forgetting to get banknotes from cash dispenser of the ATM, you should call the Bank and submit the transaction cancellation form.

If the ATM is located in the premises of the Bank's head office, then within 1 (one) business day. If the card is confiscated at ATMs of other Armenian banks, the card will be returned to the cardholder on the next working day after the Bank’s has received the card. The customer should call the Bank to inquire whether the plastic card is already in the possession of the Bank or not; in case of a positive reply then the latter may approach the bank with their passport.

If you want to change or verify the password you need to approach the Bank with your passport. In case of forgetting the password, upon calling the Bank, the cardholder will be asked additional questions for identification authenticity verification.

Yes, the PIN code can be changed autonomously by navigating through the corresponding ATM’s menu bar.

In case of forgetting the PIN code, the customer must approach the Bank and submit a plastic card or PIN-reset form. New payment card is issued for the customer in both cases.

The MasterCard SecureCode is a protocol designed to enable you to safely use your financial means and card information in online environments. The 3D secure protocol enables cardholders to perform additional authentication verification, which implies verification of each performed transaction by one-time usage code, which makes the transaction less risky for the cardholder.

The cardholder must activate the SMS notification service. The website through which the transaction is performed must also be registered with the MasterCard® SecureCode ™ system. The WebPages that are registered with this system have the brands MasterCard ® SecureCode ™ on their payment page. When paying online with a MasterCard card on the Internet, you will receive the code and enter it in the required field. When entering the valid password the transaction will be executed, while entering the wrong password will result in rejecting the transaction.