Your first step in taking advantage of ArmSwissBank's services is to open an account that meets your individual requirements regarding payments, investments and financing.

Please note that the Bank opens accounts for non resident companies only if the customer is known and acceptable for the Bank

Legal entities in ARMSWISSBANK can open the following types of accounts:

We offer accounts in AMD, USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, RUB and other accounts that allow deposits, withdrawals, exchanges and transfers both in Armenia and abroad. Our accounts give you access to a wide range of traditional banking services and investment solutions.

If incoming or outgoing funds on the account are in a different currency to the account currency, transactions are conducted with exchange rates defined daily by ArmSwissBank.

Account maintenance for resident corporate clients and private entrepreneurs (effective since 22.04.2021)

Account maintenance for non-resident corporate clients and private entrepreneurs(effective since 22.04.2021)

Annual interest rates for corporate clients demand deposits

We can register, record and maintain clients' securities in special depo accounts.

Depo accounts fees

Marketable and Reliable Investment

Because of increased uncertainty related to the choice of a specific type of savings precious metals have become of greater interest.

ArmSwissBank offers a safe and profitable alternative investment solution for your money, namely unallocated metal accounts (gold accounts).

Gold account is a special bank account for non cash operations with gold where only the purity and weight of gold are mentioned.

Besides diversification of your savings gold accounts also allow you the following benefits:

  • Security against fraud (related to the purity and authenticity of gold) which is possible in case of physical delivery of gold.
  • Absence of problems and additional costs related to the maintenance and transfer of physical metals.
  • Hedging against inflation.
  • Absence of payments related to the maintenance, transfer and production cost of gold bullions.
  • Availability of funds invested in unallocated metal accounts at any time.
  • Absence of loss and damage risks.

Terms and Conditions of Opening and Operating Gold Accounts

Gold accounts are opened for both individuals and legal entities.
  • Accounts are opened for only for 999.9 purity gold.
  • The minimum balance of the account is 0 grams.
  • Accounting for non cash gold is carried out in grams with 0.01 gram accuracy.
Gold is credited to the account through:
  • Non cash transfer from the client’s gold accounts with other banks.
  • Purchase of gold from ArmSwissBank under the condition of processing it on account.
  • Gold transfers by third parties on behalf of the client.
Gold is withdrawn from the account through:
  • Non cash transfer to the client’s gold accounts with other banks.
  • Sale of gold to ArmSwissBank under the condition of debiting the account.
  • Gold transfers to third parties at the request of the client.

Buy/sell operations of non cash gold are carried out according to ArmSwissBank’s rates for non cash gold.

ArmSwissBank sets the rates for buy/sell operations of non cash gold based on international quotations of non cash gold.

ArmSwissBank provides services according to our policy of "General Terms and Conditions for the Operation of Customer goo Accounts and other Banking Services". This also contains information on the possible negative consequences that may arise from the non-fulfilment of the client's obligations or from the performance (non-performance) of certain actions by the client.

"General Terms and Conditions for the Operation of Customer Bank Accounts and other Banking Services" (effective from 19.07.2021)

To open a corporate account with ArmSwissBank, you will need to present the following documents:

  • Application
  • Charter
  • State Register Certificate (license, if applicable)
  • Card (ratified by the tax body of the region where the legal entity is registered) of stamp and specimen signature of the legal entity's executive managers, chief accountant and, if applicable, the person authorized to conclude financial deals with ArmSwissBank
  • Orders or decisions on appointment of executive staff*
  • Tax code*
  • ID or passport of executives*
  • Properly formed and ratified power of attorney (in case of delegated authority)
  • FATCA self-decleration form (in Armenian)
  • Other documents

*Original copies of the documents (to be returned after photocopying) or certified/apostilled copies should be presented.

*To open custody accounts an additional application is necessary. Interest payments are calculated on your deposited funds based on the nominal interest rate. Annual interest yield shows how much profit you would receive if you reinvested interest payments into new deposits. Principles and examples of annual interest rate payments (in Armenian).

The right of the account holder to access the account can be restricted by court ruling, following an application by tax or judicial authorities. The account holder is notified after the account has been frozen.

Funds can also be seized from the account, without any instructions from the account holder, if a court ruling has been obtained by tax or judicial authorities. The account holder is notified about the seizure after it has been executed by the Bank.