Security issues

Securities issuance and allocation services

Securities issuance organization and placement services

  • Organization of securities placement / Prospectus preparation and submission to CBA /,
  • Marketing,
  • Listing organization (collection and submission of documents) in the relevant platform of Armenian Stock Exchange OJSC /
  • Other services

The Issuer shall pay to the Bank a maximum of one percent (contractual) of the Bonds (total amount collected) allocated to the Bank for the provided services.

Payment is made in a non-cash way.

  • 10% of the bonds subject to placement shall be paid as advance payment within five business days after the contract is concluded.
  • The difference between the amounts collected during the placement and the advance payment shall be paid within 10 (ten) business days after the listing on the Armenian Stock Exchange OJSC.
  • All expenses related to bonds, placement and trading permits and other payments stipulated by the RA legislation shall be made by the Issuer.
  • Copies of customer's charter and state registration certificates,
  • Customer taxpayer registration number,
  • Copies of special permits (licenses) required for customer activity (if available),
  • Documents confirming the authority (s) of the person (s) entitled to appear in the negotiations (business meetings) of the person / persons entitled to sign relevant contracts and other documents (copy of the order or decision),
  • Investment plan description (business plan),
  • Provisional Conditions of Issued Securities (if any),
  • Information on the essential terms of issuance and placement of previously issued securities.
  • The client's current and previous three-year financial statements approved by an independent auditor, as well as:

        - Interpretation of the following balance sheet items: fixed assets, production inventory, finished products, commodities, accounts payable, accounts payable,

        - Tax exemption and privilege statement (if available).

  • Documents describing the Customer's past activity (brief description of the business, key areas, their weight, availability of own consumption network and production base, and other documents required by the Bank) and future forecasts.
  • In case of issuance of securities secured by pledge, guarantees or guarantees provided by third parties, the Client shall submit the documents describing the pledge or the agreement confirming the receipt of guarantees or guarantees (if any).

  • Other information and documents required by the Bank for a more reliable assessment of the issue and / or placement process of securities.

You can read the service procedure here.

The Contract enters into force upon the bilateral signature and is valid until the full and proper fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the Contract, which is confirmed by the conclusion of the respective act of service provision.

The contract may set penalties in case of one of the parties terminating the contract prematurely.

After the placement of securities within the scope of services, within one business day the Issuer shall be provided with a list of registered bondholders (nominees) free of charge as of the day of placement.

You can read about the issues implemented by the Bank here

The Bank carries out stock exchange and / or subscription through subscriptions through the Armenian Stock Exchange platforms or through registration in the Central Depository of Armenia OJSC securities registration and unified settlement system according to the law and other legal acts.

You can find the following rules and regulations and normative legal acts of "Armenian Stock Exchange" OJSC and "Central Depository of Armenia" OJSC below. * *

** The Bank is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the content of the websites of other persons referring to its web site, the advertisements posted there, as well as the possible consequences of the use of information posted on those web sites by third parties.

The Bank shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the Customer in connection with the provision of services, except for losses incurred as a result of the Bank's illegal activities.

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