Consumer loans

According to its strategy the bank offers consumer loans exceptionally to its existing customers in order to provide a complete package of services.

Loan purpose consumer
Amount 300,001-50 million AMD
Period (months)1-60
Annual nominal interest rate For the first 24 months 16-20%
main index 1* for 25-60 months +(8-13%), if the main index is unavailable secondary index 21 (6-11%)
Annual actual interest rate17,13-23.90%
Loan registration location Head office
Interest calculation procedure Calculated against the decreasing balance of the loan amount: based on 365 days a year
Repayment frequency Monthly
Loan / collateral maximum ratio 70%
Providing method non-cash, cash
Loan provision decision making deadline Within 3 business days
Informing the customer about the decision to provide Within 1 business days
The date of actual providing of the amount Within 5 business days after the customer submits all the necessary documents for the loan processing
Review of approved/non-provided loan conditions AMD 25,000, but not more than the fee charged/to be charged for the previous decision
One-time fee for loan providing 0
Other service chargesMissing
Approximate expense of the collateral estimation starting from AMD 15,000
For more information, see the List of specialized appraisers cooperating with the Bank
Approximate other necessary expenses related to pledge registration and state registration about AMD 50,000 depending on the type of property and location
Cash withdrawal according with tariffs for opening and maintaining bank accounts of costumers of ARMSWISSBANK CJSC
Repayment methodMonthly annuity or equal payments of principal amount as per customer's request
Early repayment 0%
In case of delay in repayment of the loan amount - Percentage of repayable amount 0,1%
In case of delay in interest repayment - Percentage of repayable amount 0,1%
Interest rate on the amount of overdue loan Provided by the requirements of Article 411 of Civil Code of RA
Loan security Real Estate and / or Personal Guarantee
Modification / revision of the terms, repayment schedule of the existing contract (loan, pledge) AMD 50,000
N 1. General Documents: Notes
1. Application form the form provided by the Bank R
2. ID, passport, or social card copy R
3. Passport of the Borrower’s spouse copy R
4. Marriage certificate of the Borrower copy R
5. Reference from workplace about salary and position original, / sealed and signed by the director of the organization/ AR
6. Statements of acoounts with other banks (for the last 12 months) original AR
7. Existing Loan, collateral and other contracts copy AR
8. Rent / Lease contracts / agreements copy AR
9. Ownership certificate(s) of other property owned by the Borrower copy AR
10. Document package of related company with the borrower copy AR
11. Calculations and reports submitted by the SRC/State Revenue/ Income/ Committee to the related company with the borrower copy AR
12. Reference from the State Committee of Population copy AR
13. Other documents (reference on loan accounts, power of attorneys, etc.) original,/ copy AR

N 2. Documents required for pledging Notes
1. Certificate of ownership of the collateral copy R
2. ID, passport, identification card of the owner of the collateral and/or the guarantor(s) copy R
3. ID, passport, identification card of the collateral’s owner(s)’ spouse copy R
4. Marriage certificate of the owner(s) of the collateral copy R
5. Legal documents of the company owning the collateral and ID/ passport of the director copy R
6. Reference from the State Register/Depository about changes in the statute, shareholders and director of the company owning the collateral original /Submitted after the loan confirmation by Credit Committee/ AR
7. Decision of the authorized body of the company owning the collateral about making a pledge original /Submitted after the loan confirmation by Credit Committee/ R
8. Collateral Assessment/Estimating Report At the initial stage it is possible to submit a reference R
9. Unified certificate from the State Committee of the Real Estate Cadaster original /Submitted after the loan confirmation by Credit Committee/ R
10. Vehicle Registration Certificate / Technical Passport copy R
11. State registration certificate for the ownership registration of the vehicle copy / Submitted after the loan confirmation by Credit Committee / R
12. Reference about the limitations on the disposal of the vehicle original /Submitted after the loan confirmation by Credit Committee R
13. Agreement from the lessee of the collateral original /Submitted after the loan confirmation by Credit Committee AR
14. Agreement from other Banks about consecutive pledging original /Submitted after the loan confirmation by Credit Committee/ AR
15. Insurance certificate(s) of the collateral copy / Submitted after the loan confirmation by Credit Committee / AR
16. Other documents ( documents certifying the purchase of the collateral, authority issued by pledgee, spouse’s notary certified agreements ) original / copy AR

* - In case of advanced security, some of the documents might not be required by the Bank.

- The Bank might require the client to insure the collateral and/or life against accidents.

- The documents requested by the Bank can be required (R) or at request (AR).

- Documents listed in point 10 -12 are required if the collateral is a vehicle or other fixed/working asset.

- Due to various circumstances the Bank may require additional documents and information.

Organization Phone Address Email address
AKCERN-ELITA LLC + (374 10) 27 76 62
+ (374 91) 27 76 62
Yerevan, 12 Vagharsh Vagharshyan str. [email protected]
AMINTAS GROUP LLC + (374 10) 43 22 76
+ (374 96) 43 22 76
Yerevan, 23/6 Artsakh str. [email protected]
ARVM CONSULT LLC + (374 10) 54 64 90
+ (374 98) 94 44 49
Yerevan, Tpagrichneri str., 114 Building [email protected]
UPTIME LLC + (374 60) 53 53 71
+ (374 98) 53 53 14
Yerevan, Yekmalyan str., 6 Building,
5th Floor (in "Business Pale" building)
[email protected]
A.G. BORSA LLC + (374 10) 25 18 18 Yerevan, Nairi Zaryan str., 22 Building, 3rd Floor [email protected]
BILDAP LLC + (374 55) 54 71 60 Yerevan, Zaqyan str., 1 Office [email protected]
BELIEVE LLC + (374 94) 22 11 11 Yerevan, Mashtots Ave., 9-14 Building [email protected]
GARDI LLC + (374 95) 52 05 90 Yerevan, Tumanyan str., 8 building, 317 room [email protected]
COST CONSULT LLC + (374 10) 54 48 82 Yerevan, Pavstos Buzand str., 1 Building, Area 51 [email protected]
VMRP LLC + (374 10) 58 87 97 Yerevan, Vardanants str. Blind Alley, 8 Building [email protected]
OLIVER GROUP LLC +(374 10) 54 27 40 Yerevan, 8 Tumanyan str. [email protected]
INEX LLC + (374 77) 51 81 16
+ (374 55) 51 81 15
Yerevan, Orbeli Yeghbayneri str., 45 bld,
office 403
[email protected]
FINLAW LLC + (374 10) 50 60 00
+ (374 91) 91 91 55
Yerevan, Nalbandyan str., 50 bld, apt. 3 [email protected]


- Penalties will accrue if you do not fulfill your obligations on time.

- In case of overdue loan liabilities, the accumulated penalties will be paid at first, then the accumulated bank interest rate, then the contractual interest, then principal amount.

- Attention: in case of default or failure to fulfill your obligation, the creditor sends this information to the credit bureau within 2 (two) business days where your credit history is recorded.

- You have the right to get your credit history information free of charge once a year from the credit bureau.

- Attention: bad credit history can prevent you from getting a loan in the future.

- Attention: loan interest rates are calculated based on nominal interest rates. And the actual annual interest rate shows how much the loan will cost you if the interest rates and all mandatory loan and service payments will be done within the prescribed period and volume. The procedure for calculating the actual annual interest rate can be found at: All the expenses required for loan provision are included in the actual interest rate calculation.

- Warning: Your property (home, car or other) may be confiscated by law if you fail to make your interest and loan repayments on time.

- Changes in foreign exchange rates may affect loan repayments.

- In case of default on your pledge account, if the pledge is not sufficient to cover your credit liabilities, repayment of liabilities on your other property (if any are) is possible.

- To find out the terms, conditions and tariffs for providing statements, their copies, references and other information during the term of the contract, please consult the page "Accounting for Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs"

- The guarantor is also responsible for repaying the loan,

- The guarantor has the right to receive compensation from the borrower for payment of the loan

- The creditor is obliged to warn the guarantor about the loan repayment

- In case the borrower fails to repay the loan, the guarantor may appear in the "Bad creditors list".

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