Domestic payments

As a participant in CBANet – the Central Bank of Armenia's inter-bank payments system – we execute domestic transfers in Armenian dram (AMD) in the quickest and most cost-effective way.

Payments in foreign currency

With our network of correspondent banks (see table below), advanced technical equipment and experienced staff, ArmSwissBank will execute your cross-border payments safely and efficiently. Transfers initiated by payment orders are executed within a maximum of one banking day within the Republic of Armenia. We realize payments only with ArmSwissBank clients.

Placing Payment Orders

ArmSwissBank clients have two options for placing payment orders:

  • Written payment order – the client completes a payment order application form (downloadable below) and presents it to their personal manager.
  • Electronic payment order - the client submits a payment order using ArmSwissBanks Private Link online banking system, or by fax.


Payment order application forms

Further information on ArmSwissBank's payment options