Deposit Boxes

We are pleased to offer our clients individual deposit boxes for monetary assets, jewelry or other important items that require confidential, reliable and secure storage.

The key advantages of using our individual deposit boxes are described below.


  • The deposit boxes are located in a special vault equipped with an advanced security system.


  • Details of individual deposit boxes and information about items held in them are only available to the client.
  • ArmSwissBank guarantees banking secrecy in line with Armenian law.


  • Individual deposit boxes are available only for customers holding accounts with ArmSwissBank.
  • Each deposit box can only be opened by the joint operation of the bank's and the client's keys.
  • Only the client – or any person authorized by the client - can open and use the each individual deposit box.


Our deposit boxes are available in three sizes:

  • large (280 x 450 x 480mm), (180x600x480mm)
  • medium (200 x 450 x 480mm), (180x300x480mm)
  • small (100 x 220 x 480mm), (90x300x480mm)
  • Deposit boxes are available for various durations, starting from seven days.
  • Special trust arrangements can be applied by additional agreement.


Further information on ArmSwissBank's safe deposit boxes