Security issues

Securities issuance and allocation services

Issuing securities is an alternative way of raising capital - to expand, diversify or simply manage cash flow more effectively. We offer a range of investment banking services to potential issuers in one package:

  • Support in developing a business plan for your investment project
  • Definition of the main conditions related to the issuance of securities, preparation of all registration documents and representation in the state registration process
  • Assistance in identifying potential investors. e.g. organizing face-to-face meetings and “road shows”
  • Organization of securities allocation and preparation of a report to the state authorized bodies
  • Provision of guarantees to customers on obligations arising from ownership of the securities
  • Other services related to the issuance, allocation, circulation and maturity of the securities

Securities issued via ArmSwissBank


By the links below you can get acquainted with the charters and the latest versions of Armenian Securities Exchange and Central Depository of Armenia laws registered by Central Bank of Armenia. * *

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