The second issuance of “ARTSAKH HEK” OJSC shares  for the nominal amount of AMD 1,400,000,000  has been allocated in full.  The company was able to raise an amount of AMD 1,554,000,000 as a result of this allocation which is a notable event in the history of the RA corporate securities market.

The allocation was implemented in two stages: exercising preemptive rights by the existing shareholders to purchase shares and open subscription.

Within the scope of exercising preemtive rights for the period staring in 2 November until 1 December 103,146 shares for the amount of AMD 114,492,060 were placed which comprises 51% of the total placement to be implemented via preemptive rights. 50 shareholders have exercised their preemptive rights.

Open subscription took place throughout 2 December to 22 December. 122 investors participated in the open subscription purchasing 1,296,854 shares for the amount of AMD 1,439,507,940.

As the underwriter of the allocation “ArmSwissBank” CJSC  considers the placement process to be successful taking into account the activeness of the investors and the demand for the company’s shares.

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