On December 26, 2009 the bonds issued by “VALLETTA” Ltd (AMVALTB02ER9) in the total amount of AMD 500 million (with nominal value of AMD 50,000, maturity of 24 months and annual coupon rate of 10.5%) were repaid. The company paid the amount as of 30.12.2009. The allocation of bonds started since December 26, 2007. “ArmSwissBank” CJSC acted as the lead manager of the issue. On February 20, 2008 the bonds were listed in the Armenian Stock Exchange Bbond level (currently “NASDAQ OMX ARMENIA” OJSC), since August 6, 2009 the bonds were traded on Cbond free market.  During the whole period of turnover of bonds “ArmSwissBank” CJSC provided double-sided quotations. Over the period of turnover of bonds transactions in amount of AMD 420.4 million were concluded (except for Repo transactions) that is 84.08% of the issue. From this amount about AMD 350 million, which is about 70% of the issue, were the transactions in the Stock Exchange with average price of 13.56%. Repo transactions in amount of AMD 2,963.25 million were concluded with the bonds, which accounts for more than 590% of the overall issue.

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