Private Link

The Private Link system - designed and engineered for ArmSwissBank - allows our clients to access financial information and initiate a range of transactions:

  • View balances of outstanding accounts.
  • View current exchange rates.
  • Submit payment orders in AMD and foreign currency.
  • Submit currency exchange applications.
  • Receive reports on account changes, balances and orders imported/exported into the system.
  • Send and receive electronic messages to and from ArmSwissBank.

Private Link meets the highest security standards and features a customizable interface.

Quick View

Quick View gives ArmSwissBank clients instant access to their account balances.


Our advanced Internet-Bank system allows clients to quickly and conveniently manage their accounts at any time and from any place. With the Internet-Bank system you can:

  • manage your accounts from anywhere with internet access
  • prepare and send payment orders in AMD and foreign currencies
  • make currency exchanges
  • check account balances
  • receive account statements for any period
  • make loan payments
  • make term deposit replenishments
  • receive transaction status information.

The Internet-Bank system meets the highest security standards, using electronic signatures to ensure the authenticity of transacting parties.

Further information on ArmSwissBank's online banking services

Procedure on serving client accounts via Private Link (in Armenian)

Procedure on serving client accounts via Quick View (in Armenian)


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