PLEASE READ THE PRIVACY POLICY TERMS CAREFULLY. Notice that this policy applies to the mobile banking users of ARMSWISSBANK CJSC. It describes how the mobile banking application stores, uses and shares your information. By accessing the application you agree to be bound by these terms of use automatically and accept them completely, considering that they may be modified periodically and posted by ARMSWISSBANK CJSC. All the components of the application and private information are either owned or licensed by ARMSWISSBANK CJSC; therefore they may not be modified, copied, reproduced, transmitted, publicly displayed or otherwise used for public or commercial purposes.

Policy Agreement

By viewing and accessing the Mobile Banking, you confirm your consent to this policy, which includes your agreement to disclose and use the information about you according to the application technical possibilities. Other privacy policies may also apply in addition.

Gathering, Using and Sharing:

The Information that it is accessible to collect about you through the mobile banking includes information that you voluntarily disclose such as your name, address, phone number, email address and other contact information; transaction information, information resulting from your mobile activity and your location information.

Location Tracking:

There may be certain information transmitted to us regarding your location when you request information through application on your mobile device, such as your physical location when you search the Bank location/address. This information may be provided to mapping applications to assist you in locating the Bank location/address. This data will be stored only in the time frame required to operate the application and deliver the service to you.

Security Measures

We protect the information you provide us in several ways. We use encryption standards, TLS (Transport Layer Security) and security token technologies to help ensure that the information passes to ARMSWISSBANKCJSC without being intercepted by third parties. User IDs, Passwords and tokens are used to help safeguard access to your information through the Mobile Banking Application. As always, we strongly encourage you to assist us in that effort by not sharing your ARMSWISSBANK Mobile User ID and Passwords with anyone.